Data science will change every business. Let us help you get there, faster.

Minard, Napoleon's Russian Campaign of 1812
Charles Joseph Minard’s “Map of Napoleon’s Russian Campaign of 1812”

Information is the gold of the twenty-first century.

From the moment you rise to when you hit the pillow, and even while you sleep, systems are tracking your behavior, collecting data points and deriving knowledge, and using it to inform businesses what you’ll purchase next, how you prefer to spend your time, how you ought to be contacted, and so on.

Data science is now embedded in everyday life.

Major retailers are predicting major life events, like pregnancy, from a chain of purchases. Each day, your smartphone gives you tailored news to read. Your workout playlists are smarter than the elliptical you’re on. Companies large and small are racing to provide you with insight on your business. The number of new developments taking place in analytics each week is mind-blowing! We can help you understand what it takes to be truly data-savvy.

OK, how do I get started?

It can be confusing to apply analytics in a practical way. Navigating through the hype of “big data” is essential. Don’t get overwhelmed! The key word is context. As a very first step, we take the time and energy to really understand your business and the challenges you’re facing.

Let’s cut out the noise and have a real conversation on what can be done to develop (or evolve) your analytics strategy, and how to do it. We’ll provide an assessment and craft an implementation plan, tailored to your concerns, expectations, and budget.

We’ll never expect you to pay for an initial consultation.

Why use us?

Longs Peak Analytics is an independent data science consulting practice. We believe in:

  • A thoughtful approach to understanding your business. We aim to fluently speak your business language, first and foremost.
  • Tailored solutions so you can make the most out of today’s essential toolkit: predictive modeling, machine learning, artificial intelligence, agile reporting, and data visualization. We match techniques and tools to your problem, not the other way around.
  • Practical, clear implementations that make sense for you and your needs. If there’s a readily available solution that we can implement quickly, we’re going to prefer that approach.
  • Partnerships that combine vision and practical knowledge while managing cost. We thrive on solid communication, shared expectations, and demonstrable results. We lead our clients away from intimidation, preferring clear explanations of complex, technical topics. Our clients typically enjoy long-term relationships with us of mutual benefit.
  • Unparalleled experience, knowledge, and drive born out of a decade’s worth of experience, passion, and a get-things-done approach. We’re invested in our clients’ success stories… every day.

We love startups. No project is too small for us.

Think you’re too small for a data science consultant? Think again! We thrive on challenges of all kinds. We’ve worked well with teams and companies of all sizes.

Your move. (Let’s get coffee, it’s on us!)

This next step is simple! You can read more about our backgrounds and contact us right away. Let’s make time to chat soon, and if you’re local to Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs, or other parts of Colorado, we can meet in-person for coffee or tea. It’s on us!

Sometimes we’re also on the road in Boston, NYC, and elsewhere – you never know!