Internet Solutions

Custom, clear internet solutions. Mobile-enabled. HTML5. Search-engine promotability and optimization. Social network engagement. User experience.

You already have an internet presence. You’ve heard the buzzwords, and you want to cut to the chase. In a world of thousands of solution providers, why talk to us?

It’s simple. We’re efficient, contextually-aware, easy to work with and are passionate about the data. We use analytics tools to measure the efficiacy of your solution, and we can design your solution from the ground up for maximum return with minimum complexity.

In brief, we use the right tools for the job without excess cost or complexity.

Here are a few examples of our work. Contact us to learn more.

Client: Pierce Laboratory of Addiction Neuroscience (
Solution:Uncompromising aesthetic and functional solution for promoting a neuroscience laboratory. Data-driven web portal for publications. Flash-enabled AND highly spiderable. Searchable abstract data repository. Integration with NCBI PubMed. Built entirely from scratch using PHP.

Client: Gateway Church
Solution: Integrated web/Facebook/Twitter/mobile-enabled marketing solution. Optimized for low maintenance overhead and easy updating. Leverages WordPress and off-the-shelf plugins.

Client: BookMaster North America
Solution: PHP-based informational website