Because the world of analytics moves so quickly – and this world must process and adapt to new information, day in and day out – Longs Peak Analytics decided that a blog format would work best for this iteration of our site.

Longs Peak Analytics is a one-stop consulting shop based in Longmont, CO that specializes in turning data into insight.  This is a multi-dimensional approach that involves reporting (business intelligence, statistics, modeling, data warehousing – whatever tools required to bring knowledge to your business and move things to the next level.

Established in 2009, Longs Peak brings a constellation of skills gleaned in various disciplines – consumer marketing, healthcare analytics, database develpment and tuning, statistical modeling, data mining, and website optimization and development.  The founder has a decade’s worth deep experience in all of these areas.

As the site grows, we plan on providing frequent posts with more detail on our services, case studies, and trends in the industry.  You can also use the links above to receive an overview of our services and how to contact us.  Plus, there’s a search box.  Go ahead, use it – it works!

Thanks for joining us on this journey.